1. Happiness
  2. Listeneing
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Leadership
  5. Whats the Goal
  6. Take Notes
  7. Doing Business With Relatives and Friends
  8. Books I recommend
  9. In All Partneship Agreements
  10. Speak the Truth In Love
  11. I'm Sorry ain't enough ....
  12. Two Biggest Bargains

Personal GEM # 8 Reading for Pleasure and Learning

  1. Novel: The Glorious Cause, by Jeff Shaara.
  2. Novel: Godís and Generals, by Jeff Shaara
  3. Novel: Last Full Measure, by Jeff Shaara
  4. Novel: Rise to Rebellion, by Jeff Shaara
  5. Novel: The Killer Angels, by Michael Shaara
  6. Novel: North And South (Part 1 of the Epic North & South Trilogy), by John Jakes
  7. Novel: Love And War (Part 2 of the Epic North & South Trilogy), by John Jakes
  8. Novel: Heaven & Hell (Part 3 of the Epic North & South Trilogy), by John Jakes
  9. Americaís Real War, by Daniel Lapin
  10. Original Intent, by David Barton
  11. The Law Above The Law, by John Warwick Montgomery
  12. Sir William Blackstone and the Common Law, by Robert Stacey
  13. Men In Black, by Mark Levin
  14. Supreme Chaos, by Charles Pickering
  15. Character & Destiny, by James Kennedy
  16. Born Again, by Chuck Colson
  17. Loving God, by Chuck Colson
  18. Kingdoms In Conflict, by Chuck Colson
  19. Seven Promises Of A Promise Keeper, By Bright, Lucado, Dobson, Palau, Smalley
  20. The Five Love Languages, by Gary Chapman
  21. See You At The Top, by Zig Zigler
  22. Jerusalem Countdown, by John Hagee. Front Line Publishers
  23. Standing With Israel, by David Brog. Front Line Publishers
  24. Spiritual Leadership, by Henry & Richard Blackaby
  25. Winning Your Wife Back Before Itís Too Late, by Gary Smalley
  26. How can I Get Through To You, by Terrence Real
  27. Why Great Men Fall, by Wayde Goodall
  28. The Purpose Driven Life, by Rick Warren
  29. Europe 101, by Rick Steves. JMP Press
  30. Donít Know Much About History? By Kenneth C. Davis

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