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Personal GEM # 12 Two Biggest Bargains

I think the two biggest bargains for any family are professional movers and hiring workers for jobs around the house.

What professional movers? They save so much energy, frustration, and back aches. Moving is frustrating enough so I think anything a person can do to reduce the frustration is a bargain. And to avoid back injury from lifting boxes is the biggest of all bargains. Just one load too heavy and there you go to the doctor. You miss golf or other activities. And the back pain is excruciating. Hire movers to pack, move and unpack—that’s a huge bargain. What a bargain!

(By the way, my wife does not agree with me on this. She likes to pack and unpack everything to both save money and to protect the goods that we have. So I sometimes leave town when it comes to moving time. She also disagrees with me on the next “bargain".)

Why hire workers to do jobs around the house? This one I learned from my Dad even though he was a workaholic around the house. The logic goes like this: I do or work at what I do best, which pays significantly more than what I pay workers for jobs around the house. Additionally, hired workers know their trades much better than I do and do a much better job of things like cutting the lawn, the maintenance of the pool, fixing plumbing problems, etc. Hiring them also saves me time when I could be playing tennis or golf. And I lessen the possibility of me getting injured climbing a ladder or lifting some bag of grass cuttings—an injury that could restrict my sporting activities. What a bargain!

Now, there is an exception to the latter “bargain.” My wife’s love language is for me to work with her doing things around the house. That changes my thinking. I feel it is wise and loving for me to join her in this. But, I must admit that I do not always have the best attitude to doing these things—I’m still working on improving myself in that regard.

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