1. Happiness
  2. Listeneing
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Leadership
  5. Whats the Goal
  6. Take Notes
  7. Doing Business With Relatives and Friends
  8. Books I recommend
  9. In All Partneship Agreements
  10. Speak the Truth In Love
  11. I'm Sorry ain't enough ....
  12. Two Biggest Bargains

Personal GEM #5 What’s the Goal?

At the start of everything you doeverything—decide then, at the beginning, why you are about to do what you plan to do—what’s the goal?
Covey puts it this way, “begin with the end in mind.”
Start every type of meeting, even with as few as only two or more persons ( for example at the lunch get together) with this question,
“If our time together today will be successful in your mind, what will we have accomplished?”

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