1. Goals
  2. How to start every meeting
  3. The Goal Management Team
  4. Team Consulting and Problem Solving
  5. Write Your Own Agreements
  6. Take Notes
  7. Management vesus Leadership
  8. Books I recommend
  9. The 3 BIGGEST Bargains in Business
  10. In All Partneship Agreements
  11. Speak the Truth In Love


  1. FIRST, seeks God’s Holy Spirit to enlighten the meeting about to take place.
  2. Reach agreement on the goal to be accomplished at this meeting.
    • Ask— "If our time together today is successful, what will we accomplish? What’s the goal of this meeting?
  3. Each action step taken during the meeting is noted and accompanied by a “ Who Responsible" name and " When Due" date. All participants get a copy of the action steps with the a “ Who Responsible" name and " When Due" date. Se date for next meeting when appropriate.
  4. At the conclusion of the meeting, summarize what was accomplished. And ask, “Did we accomplish our goal for this meeting?"
  5. Close the meeting in prayer, seeking God’s blessing on the proceedings.

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