1. Goals
  2. How to start every meeting
  3. The Goal Management Team
  4. Team Consulting and Problem Solving
  5. Write Your Own Agreements
  6. Take Notes
  7. Management vesus Leadership
  8. Books I recommend
  9. The 3 BIGGEST Bargains in Business
  10. In All Partneship Agreements
  11. Speak the Truth In Love

Business GEM #11 Speak The Truth In Love

Speak the truth in love. The truth is always the best policy.

  • Never compromise the truth to make someone feel better. That’s an insult to the person. (That does not mean to tell more than needs to be told. Truth can be damiging gossip.)
  • Do not practice “peace at any price” as that will prove to be far too expensive at some future date.
  • Do not let others believe that you agree with them by remaining silent—that is a misleading lie od omission.
  • Always speak the truth in love.
  • You can validate another persons feelings without agreeing with them and simple conclude by saying “I understand how you feel” and just leave it there. That is not misleading.
  • If they ask “how do you feel about it?” tell them the truth.

Remember, compromise is always lose-lose. If you want win-win, then snyergize. (Read Covey’s “7 habits of Highly Successful People.”

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